Selected Publications


Book: Comedy Against Work: Utopian Longing in Dystopian Times, Common Notions Press

“Hulk Sauce,” Lux Magazine

“Utopia Was Never the Point: Some Thoughts About Mike Davis and Dread,” Post45 Contemporaries

Poem: “The apocalypse will have beach chairs,” Protean Magazine

“Sorkin’s Women,” Blind Field

“Hacking at Work,” Blind Field


“Demand the Imaginable,” Boston Review


“‘Retreat’ and the Sick World,” Los Angeles Review of Books

with Max Fox, “Mourning and Marginalia: Editing the Work of Christopher Chitty,” Los Angeles Review of Books


Chapbook: “Dear Z,” (Commune Editions)

Book Chapter: “Unendingness and the Speculative Present,” Museum of Capitalism 2nd Edition, Inventory Press

Peer-Review: “The Dialectic of Sex, After the Post-1960s,” Cultural Politics, Duke University Press

“Of Complaints and Apologies: Feminist Theses Against Carceralism,” Glass Bead Journal, Site 2. Dark Room: Somatic Reason and Synthetic Eros

“Unthinking the Family in ‘Full Surrogacy Now’,” Los Angeles Review of Books

“Listen to Witches,” Commune Magazine

with Juliana Spahr, “¿Dónde está la revolución?”, Commune Magazine

“Bigger & Bigger Lies,” Blind Field

“Unseeable Horror in ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’,” Blind Field


“The Artist in the Age of Meta-Masculinity,” Blind Field

“The Idea of Children,” Blind Field

“Other Peoples’ Secrets,” Entropy

“#MeToo From Below,” Commune Magazine


“Notes on the Speculative Present,” Blind Field


Dissertation: “After the ‘Post-60s’: A Cultural History of Utopia in the United States,” Literature Department, University of California, Santa Cruz

“Monotony and Efficiency in Kaufman’s ‘Anomalisa’,” Blind Field


“Dying in Kitchens,” Blind Field

with Marija Cetinic, “Theses on Postpartum,” GUTS: Canadian Feminist Magazine


“Curb Your Moralia,” The New Inquiry

“The Roads Not Taken,” The New Inquiry

Art Installation: “building,” Digital Arts Research Center, University of California, Santa Cruz

Art Installation: “still building: mapping possibilities of student movements,” UCIRA State of the Arts

“Rhetoric,” University of Chicago Theories of Media Keywords Glossary